The Father's House

Jesus said “How dare you turn my Father’s house into a market! ” (John 2:16).
and - “ my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations”. (Mark 11:17 & Isaiah 56:7).

The Purpose.

  • The Father’s House is to be a house of prayer and a house of worship for all nations.
  • A place of Presence – where God is.
  • A place of power – where God ministers His love to the people of Bradford and beyond - to the ends of the earth.
  • A place of safety and security, reflecting the Father’s heart.

The Place.

Laisterdyke Bradford – specifically, the old Morrisons building on Sticker Lane, now called Dunelm Mill.

The story behind the vision.

In November 1998 through a dream, the Lord led Andrew & Sue Popplewell out of the ministry of the Church of England and into the unknown. Eventually they started a work called “Cedar Tree Church”.

Meeting in a number of schools, it soon became clear that there was a greater vision beyond “Cedar Tree Church”.

This was to do with “an open portal” in heaven, geographically over Laisterdyke and would be called “The Father’s House”.

Through another dream, it became clear that this would come about through relationships with Paul McMahon (of King’s Church Halifax), Paul Hubbard (of Christian Life Church Shipley) and David Lee (formerly World Outreach Church – now itself called The Father’s House).

This is a brief outline of the vision we at Cedar Tree Church pursue.

For more information please ring 01274 637651

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