We believe -
  • that God is The Living God, the Almighty Creator and that we are His creation, unique among all other forms of life, made in His image and created to serve His purpose.

  • that the Bible is the truthful revelation of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through which the voice of God speaks, creating faith in us by giving direction for us to live by

  • that mankind was separated from the life of God through sin and because of this, spiritual darkness, ignorance and oppression by the devil and the judgement of God is a reality for all humanity

  • that God entered history in the person of Jesus Christ to save men and women from oppression and judgement, through His death on the cross and the power of His resurrection.

  • that Jesus was born of a virgin, was fully divine and fully human without sin, died on the cross to save us, was buried, was raised physically to life and ascended into heaven.

  • that the baptism of the Holy Spirit releases His gifts and character into our lives, leading us in holiness and equipping us for effective service.

  • that the Church is the body of Christ on earth of which He is the head, and to which He has committed the task of proclaiming the Gospel to all nations.

  • that the end of history as we know it will be expressed in the second coming of Jesus Christ, the general resurrection, final judgement/accountability, heaven and hell.
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